Technological Changes

SCntScience and technology are a big part of the world today. If you are not update with technology you can have trouble doing a lot of things. For example, most of the time even the simplest thing is done on a computer, such as paying your bills. I think that I only have one bill that is paid in the mail and one is paid in person. The rest are paid electronically on the computer. I think in the future there will be even more changes in the way we pay bills and there will be less cash and more electronic advances in technology.

Older people are having a hard time keeping up with technology and normally have to have their kids help them do a lot of things. My parents are right on the verge, so they know how to do most things when it comes to technology. Facebook is a big part of their day. They love connecting with family from out of state or that they don’t see a lot and sharing pictures with them. Social media is an advance in technology that most everyone enjoys being a part of.

A good part about technology is having the ability to be able to work from home. Sending work through a computer and getting paid through a computer is one of the biggest rewards technology can bring. There are a lot of freelancers and companies that enjoy this benefit as well.

Another reward technology brings is the ability for scientists to keep track of their research in different ways. Instead of having to sit and watch a project change, they can video it and skip through and watch the final projects or watch it in stages. They can also keep track of their science records on the computer to compare the progress reports.

Before, scientists would have to write down their science research and sit and observe it as it was progressing to get the accurate results. Having to do so looking back at notes could be read in correctly if there was an error in their writing or if it was not legible. Now scientists can just read science reports directly from a computer.

I think that science and technology will continue to grow and develop new things. Things that we thought couldn’t happen before happen every day and it will continue to do so. I look forward to see what new things come out next in both science and technology.